Hyperoptic pioneering gigabyte Internet speeds with fiber optic (FTTH) connections

Have you ever experienced slower broadband speeds or have you ever wanted to get things done quickly without having to wait for things to load in your broadband connection? Well now you can, with an emerging UK based company Hyperoptic that provides you amazing broadband speeds that can do just that. Blazing fast Internet speeds in your doorstep with advanced fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connection offering gigabyte speeds.


10 Reasons to Pick the HTC One M8 Over the Galaxy S5

Hello here are a multitude of reasons why I suggest to buy the HTC One M8.
Close your eyes and visualize a world where your development impacts millions of people see daily. In this world you will architect and build innovative user experiences! (more…)

5 Awesome Google Chrome Tricks you didn’t know

Google chrome is the best internet browser and current leader in the browser market with the largest market share . But have you ever tried to use some of its awesome tricks which makes it even more awesome. Well we have listed down some really cool tricks for you to experiment and learn about your favorite browser. (more…)

Best and Free Premium Link Generator for all sites

Often we deal with situations when we need to download some stuff  from the Filesharing websites like Uptobox, Letitbit, Rapidshare, etc. But most of these are blocked in our area, or the bandwidth for downloads is capped. Today, I’m going to tell you an important and useful trick to bypass these restrictions, using a premium link generator, which does not impose any restrictions on file size, or download speed. (more…)

10 Best Google Chrome Extension for developers

Chrome has become popular over all of its competitors. Now-a-days maximum internet users use google chrome as their default browser. Here we have a list of extensions for Google chrome that would help any developer out there.The list provides a lot of good extensions for website developers since these are mainly browser extensions and can’t do much. So here are the best extensions for developers using google chrome. (more…)

10 Best and Must Have Softwares for every Windows User

Welcome again readers…! In this post I’m gonna be discussing about some of the best free and must have  software’s mainly for windows or any desktop or laptop users out there on the web. (more…)

How to delete all files of a particluar extension in folder using CMD trick

Howdy Readers..! In this blog post, we will be going to discuss a really attention-grabbing and astonishingly, terribly easy trick..
Often we have to deal with situations in which we want to delete all files in a folder or and its subfolder, which belong to a particular file format.  To do this there is  a very popular trick which involves using CMD prompt. We will discuss that trick here, but will also give a pretty simple alternative to that trick. (more…)

10 Top Best Websites to Watch TV Shows for Free

Want to watch your favorite tv shows on the internet for free?. No problem. We got a list covered up for you to watch tv shows online for free. So check it out. (more…)

6 Best Notepad Tricks You Didn’t Know

Have you ever thought of messing with your notepad editor to create some cool tricks using it. We have created a list of tricks that you could try with the basic notepad editor in windows system to give you some amazing results.


10 Things you Shouldn’t do on Facebook

Having a facebook profile is awesome to share your life events and do lot of other stuff, but you should always be safe as not to affect your personal life from what you share on facebook. We have combined a list of what people normally make mistakes while posting on facebook and for you to avoid these. (more…)

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