10+ Top Websites to Download Mp3 Songs for Free

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Downloading Mp3 songs is an easy task but downloading a song with “Zero investment” is tough and time consuming job in a fast moving world like this. Most of the users download songs that suit their taste, but to make their task easier they make use of those websites that are not legal to download music and become a part of serious crime and hence get blocked.Also Check out the top 10 list to download Hindi Songs here
To save all those users to get rid of the crime, I have made a collection of few best websites that fall under a same hood and you can download songs and for “FREE” again. Following are few websites that make Downloading Mp3 Songs, for free


1.) BeeMp3

BeeMp3 has been my all-time favorite. This website provides all variety of songs and the quality of the song is too good. This website is recommended by all the users including me :D.


 2.) Bomb-Mp3.com

An amazing mp3 download website that rates the current top mp3 or songs most downloaded for that time and also has a huge collection of music songs for you to download from. The site has all major songs available to download, even from other languages.This is one of my favourites to download free music.


3.) Jamendo

Here you can download Mp3 songs and Ogg format. This website provides you the complete information of the singer , album as well as news related to the music(which is an excellent feature). Moreover you get a better option of streaming and downloading the entire album at a single stretch. This website also gives information about the languages like JAPANESE, CHINESE etc. the website has got a collection of more than 40k songs.



This is a better alternative to download Hindi , English etc songs with a single click. This website also gives you news of the upcoming albums(which makes it different).





Easy to use interface and listing of current Top Songs, Artist and Top Albums in a single page makes this is a good choice for listening songs without having to search for hit songs your friends are listening to. With a huge collection of artists and albums makes this one of the top choices to check out.


6.) Last Fm

This is another awesome website to download songs. The best part of this website is that they have divided the site into various divisions like pop music, rock music or jazz and many more. Thus the users have the choice to select according to their taste and convenience. Last Fm has got both audio as well as video songs.


7.) Emp3World

Emp3World is another website similar to BeeMp3. Here we are able to download thousands of high quality Bollywood songs, download movie songs etc.


8.) Dilandau

The major intension of this website is to make downloading Mp3 songs easier. Moreover you can even share and listen songs without paying a single penny of yours. Here you can find few remixes which you have never found anywhere else.


9.) Mp3 Fusion

Mp3 Fusion is another website similar to as mentioned above. It has got a collection of 100 thousands of songs for you to listen and download. This website makes itself different from other by providing lyrics to every song that you wish to hear.


10.) YourMp3

YourMp3 is another website that you must give a try to download songs as it provides a wide range of song collections.



Let me say this website is another best alternative to download free music, so can also give a try to this particular website incase you need it.

12.)Artist Direct

Another alternative to download songs is Artist Direct. This is one amongst the best websites with more than 30,000 followers in Facebook. Here apart from downloading  Mp3 songs it provides you the facility to download music videos that includes 22k bands and 45k sosngs.

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So this was a small effort from my side where you are able to download music for “FREE”  without any problem. Now you have got all licenses to download every song according to your wish. Right from songs to lyrics and finally to the news related to every song is now present in one amongst the above weapons.J.J.J.

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  1. Thanks for the list. I used beemp3 and mp3 fusion, but the others are new. :)

    • dying4lyfe says:

      Personally I use a program called musicjacker, it has a search feature that will pretty much find any song you're looking for. Though it also lets you download music from sites like youtube, soundcloud and myspace so you really can get just about any song you want with it. Check it out, it's helped me loads…

  2. Thanks for sharing. I usually use last fm to download songs since it is quite fast with wide variety of songs to choose. I will definitely try the other website the you suggest.

  3. Excellent information.Im searching a website where i could download mp3 music until I found your blog.Thanks a lot for sharing this information it really help me.

  4. thanks for sharing for this links.looking for some more from you.

  5. This is so cool! Thank much for the wonderful list you shared. My son uses mp3 fusion– he will definitely enjoy this.

  6. I wll have to check these out, i always just end up buying the music I like but this would be great.

    • Admin16 says:

      buying the music is good..because it will reward the creators..but people sometimes will find it difficult to buy all the good music out there..and so this gives u a choice..:)

  7. Rank Phones says:

    Thanks for sharing! Now I got a lot of links for free mp3 downloads which i will transfer to my google nexus phone. Some of the links are new to my eye. Hey, you can also add 4shared.com to your list .

    • Admin16 says:

      Well.. 4shared is a general file sharing site..yes it has lot of music files too …but i thought of including only specific music sites..anyway thanks for the tip..:D

  8. I appreciated what you have done here. I am always searching for informative information like this.

  9. Alain says:

    The best is from android phone here one that's good: http://tinyurl.com/cusapch

  10. Capris says:

    In my oppinion http://www.mp3clan.com is a very good site for mp3's and full albums. I find everything there very fast and easy.

  11. Song Lyrics says:

    Thanks for published and really good thought for popular your website.nice collection of gathering songs. Really its amazing collection.

  12. Here is the information is provided about mp3 songs for free and really it is great issue and topic to discuss and it is nice to comment here.

  13. Thanks for the info I have always been wary of downloading music for free online. I will have to try one of these out.

  14. pr company says:

    It's a great collection of MP3 songs and get the new songs download. Nice information.

  15. Jagatruidas says:

    Ae dost kabhi tu apni dosto ko nahi vulana aajaye agar kahin kante…

  16. Kelly Grey says:

    Try mp3skull. It's great. I listen to pop songs from Olongapo dance club, search online, and download it from there. Works like magic.

  17. sangeetha says:

    i want to download private song digu digu naga pls help our

  18. Santosh says:

    Thank you very much… i liked beemp3

  19. Santosh says:

    thank you very much… i liked beemp3 and Dilandau…..

  20. Free Songs says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I was going crazy till I found this.

  21. SWAG MAN says:

    also works

  22. Sajid says:

    For All Mp3 Songs http://www.kingskwap.com from mobile And http://www.musicmaza.tk for PC is Best.

  23. Thanks for the info i hope these sites are still working. I have always been a bit afraid of downloading songs for free.

  24. Peter says:

    Check out http://megazip.com
    This site is fantastic. Download all songs and videos for free, they support all download option (Mp3, Mp4, FLV, AVI etc.)

  25. Amazon.com is not in the list ? :-o
    Well I also use beemp3 and fastmp3. Thanks for suggesting us so many options.

  26. Hey Nishith, nice post. Well you might like to add http://www.listenmymp3.com
    It's really a powerful site and I use it a lot!

  27. cfacet says:

    Great list of websites for downloading mp3 songs.One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.Thanks for share this great list.

  28. M.ismail says:

    Bhot achi saites hain realy

  29. Saurabh Saha says:

    Thanks, Really useful article. But I am wondering, why you didn't include Songspk.info ?

  30. jacson says:

    Informative post.This is a great resource for me to download mp3 songs.Old says"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent"I love the music,thanks for share this great post with us.

  31. krumwil says:

    mp3skull and mp3juices are my downloading site. its hazzle free

  32. imaginationwork111 says:

    dilandau.com has a tracker on it

  33. Senso Aier says:

    Thaks 4 da clear-cut list, ,really needed sum guide for mp3 download

  34. danny says:

    http://hippomp3.com best to download songs and youtube videos

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