12+ Best ways to increase Facebook Page Likes and Get More Followers

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Facebook pages help you to be engaged with your customers and provides a great way to market your products as well. Increasing the number of followers guarantees wider audience for your brand and great promotion for your product.  But getting that many followers or likes for your Facebook page initially gets kind of tiresome and difficult. So here are a list of points we jotted down for your help. 

likeSo here are the list of things you should do to get more likes and followers for your Facebook page.

1. Invite Friends to your Page

Facebook lets you invite your friends to like your Facebook page once you sent them a request to like it. Simply go to your Facebook Page Admin Panel and then “Build Audience”->”Invite Friends” and select the friends you would like to invite to your page.You can also  invite your email contacts for your page via Facebook.


2. Conduct Contests

Conduct contests for your Facebook page followers and tell the audience to re share the post or like the page to win exciting prizes. This will encourage more people in following your Facebook Page.


3. Engage with the Followers

Try to post related and suitable posts to encourage interaction between followers. This can motivate more friends of theirs joining in with the conversation and also increase popularity of the Facebook page.



4. Promote your Facebook Page

If budget is not your concern, then try promoting your Facebook page to a wider audience reach and get more likes. Facebook offers sponsored stories in news feed about pages as well. So your page gets more visibility and reach with the sponsored page. Click here to get started.


5. Buy Paid Facebook Likes 

You can buy Facebook likes from many services , but in the end it wont matter much because almost all of the followers whom you got from this method will be not interested in your page and slowly start unliking your page. So this doesn’t get you legitimate followers who are actually interested in your page.




6. Provide transparent details

  • Fill in your Facebook page details in the info section explaining about your services and an optional contact information.
  • Provide easy to remember Facebook page handle for easier access to followers ex: Facebook.com/hackhow.
  • Categorize your facebook page in suitable category and sub category for proper brand recognition.
  • Post relevant posts on your page wall to attract more Facebook likes.

7. Add innovative and attractive Cover Photo

Adding a creative and relevant cover photo tends to create a good impression about the brand to a new follower and attracts more likes to your page. Try to keep it relevant and creative and also changing few times in a year for promotional and other events.


8. Adding a Like Box Widget

Add a Facebook Page Like box widget in your blog or your webpage to attract more followers. Preferably a medium sized like box showing peoples faces in the box makes it more attractive for users.Go through the Facebook Developers Site to get Started here.



9. Share on Twitter/Google+

Share the posts and page details to your twitter account to get more likes.  Sharing your Facebook page posts to your twitter/google+ account gets you potentially more genuine likes for your Facebook page. You can also reshare on Twitter/Google+ automatic sharing methods for easier posting.



10. Keep updated with interesting posts

Keep your Facebook page updated with constant updates with status/news updates which interests a large number of followers to drive page activity. If the content i good then your followers will re-share and hence get you more likes for your page.


11. Post creative and interesting Photos

Photos tend to be shared the most in Facebook  so try to post some relevant and interesting photos on your page which your followers will share and help you with more Facebook page likes.


12.  Create a managing team 

Add more admins for your Facebook page. Creating a managing team helps you to get more likes by telling them to invite their friends as well. This drives the page with more ideas and audience, and also helps you to keep the page constantly updated by others in the team.

More News and tricks on Facebook

So these are the 12 things you can work on to get more likes for your Facebook page. If you would like to share any more methods, let us know by your comments.

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  1. Interesting post. Getting facebook likes is little bit difficult but not impossible.My opinion is buying likes from different sites is not good. Get the likes by using your innovation things and thoughts,It's nice way.

  2. Mical says:

    Now a days every one looking to get facebook likes because of it is a top social networking site.Add innovative and attractive photos and messages will attract many people.Thanks a lot for share this tricks regarding to get facebook likes.

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