5 Best Virtual Machine Applications

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virtualmachines The virtual machines are more popular as people need to run different operating systems on a single machine on limited resources,either for testing or for educational purposes.And the computing speed of the machines will generally be able to run more than 1 operating system on a single machine using a virtual machine application.So here are some quick reviews on the best considered top five virtual machine applications an average user.




virtual box

VirtualBox is available for windows systems and mac and linux distributions.This is a free software and includes a lot of features.The parameters and description values are mainly stored entirely in  XML files for easier sharing and portability of the application. This tool has a bulk of features and can be found here in the documentation of the software ->Documentation.


vmwareplayer workstation

VMware is also one of the popular virtual machine applications available for windows and linux operating systems and mainly comes in two options-> VMware Workstation and the VMware Player. VMware Player is a light weight alternative focused on a casual user level functions and features and allows to create and run virtual operating systems without much advanced tools.But VMware Workstation includes many advanced features like clone the virtual machines, capture multiple snapshots of the running virtual operating system, and replay changes made to the virtual OS for testing and also recording in the log the results occuring in the virtual machine. For further information and features and detailed description ,refer this documentation for VMware Player and this documentation for VMware Workstation.



Available for mac,windows and linux versions, has a very powerful feature with direct link for the guest OS.This boosts performance of the guest OS in AMD and Intel chips so that when you jump to the virtual machine the host machine gives up its CPU cycles and processing power to the guest OS. Parallels also offers special features like clipboard sharing, synchronization, share folders and transparent printer and peripheral supports. For more information and details check out the documentation  here.



QEMU is a powerful virtual machine application for Linux operating systems and is built on back of the Kernel-based Virtual Machine. It supports a lot of features like direct execution of guest code on host hardware, auto-resizing of saved virtual disks ,run on host operating system without administrative features. and many more.So this has a interesting feature of running the guest OS without the need of administrative privileges and can even be advantageous as a portable virtual machine on flash drives.

Windows Virtual PC

windows virtual pc

This is although a good option for virtual machine application ,but solely exists for windows machines mainly to test software’s and check for backwards compatibility. It offers less in terms of variety of different operating systems but its a good catch for people working solely in windows environment.Its available in versions of  Virtual PC 2004, 2007, and Windows Virtual PC.So if you are a core windows user ,you could check out this option.

So there you have it.The top 5 best liked virtual machine applications.Enjaay..:)

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