Angry birds – Which is the most liked Angry bird?

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One of the most popular hit game involved different angry birds that take on the evil pigs on their revenge.And i do admit that i became an addict after playing just minutes on the game . The pigs made me even more addictive by their evil laugh every time i lost a round.  But now the question is which among the angry bird is considered the most likable or the favorite among the users??…Lets find out..

So this infographic was really funny as well as gives you the pros and cons of each 6 angry birds.This pic gives you the descriptions also their abilities and the users opinion on the different angry birds..

Well there you have it,the well deserved black explosive bird wins the battle. This really awesome infograpic was created by “Matthew Inman” from “The Oatmeal”, and thanks to him for the infograph image.

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  1. I haven't played this game.I will check it out :)

    • shrinidhi says:

      Dude this is the most buzzing game on the internet…it was developed by a finland based game company rovio for iPhones and now its even available for nokia n wi,toys n a even a moviendows phone,also they r even coming to facebook and hav their very own animated series scheduled on them.. u can even download the PC version on the net…I became an addict on the first day after a classmate gav it to me,and went on playin it for hours..:D..So i m warning u now n dont blame me after u r addicted….k..n thx for ur comment..:)

  2. After reading about the popularity of this game, I would like to play it and know, why it is becoming so popular.

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