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Often we deal with situations when we need to download some stuff  from the Filesharing websites like Uptobox, Letitbit, Rapidshare, etc. But most of these are blocked in our area, or the bandwidth for downloads is capped. Today, I’m going to tell you an important and useful trick to bypass these restrictions, using a premium link generator, which does not impose any restrictions on file size, or download speed.

Premium link generator

Premium link generator

Step 1-   GO to
Step 2-   Create an account there…No email registration is required, just you have to enter a username to lock it.
Step 3-  Click on Login, and set your password.
Step 4-   Once your account has been created, now copy your link which you want to download/leech
Step 5-   Click on the ‘Link Check’ link. after opening it, paste your link in the dialog box, and cclick on ‘check’ .
Step 6-   If on cheking, a green tick is shown, then your link is acceptable.
Step 7-   Click on the BBCode, and copy it./
Step 8-   Now return on the main website, and paste that link in the message, and hit enter.
Step 9-   Your link will be leeched soon..!

There are many other ways and premium link generators to leech your links via sites like , but most of them restrict the file sizes, and we have to skip a lot of ads..Hence, I’ve not mentioned them in my post.
If you have any queries, reply in the comments below, and we’ll try to fix them out.
Also please share this with your friends on Facebook/Twitter to spread the trick…

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