Why Facebook is down in india

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This morning Indians might be out for a surprise.Worlds largest social networking site is temporarily down under government orders currently and will be back soon.










The problem started at around midnight IST and hasnt seen to be fixed till now.The funny thing is that the facebook mobile websites like m.facebook.com are still working fine and you can log into your account using your cell phone using that website.

The government had ordered 11 Indian internet service providers to block Facebook for failing to remove censored content postings from its Indian users.

Well maybe you can’t share this post via facebook anymore, but leave your views and opinions via your comments below on the comment section below.Cheers

Update: Facebook is back up again, so u can all rejoice..

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  1. There was another rumour that Facebook will shut down on 15 March. Users said that Mark him self announced that. :)

  2. karan says:

    Facebook wasn't down for me on that day. Its weird:D

  3. Wow that is bad, I hope it gets lifted for you guys soon, I would hate to have that stuff happen here in the states.

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