Google+ (Plus) New Invite Trick that Can let You in Right Now

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Recently Google stopped the invites for the users of Google+ (Plus) to invite their friends and family members, due to “insanely high demand” as stated by Social of Google Vic Gundotra. But this new way of sending invites can help you get an invite right now and be a part of the massive Google+ Project. So hurry before Google fixes this glitch too.




This seems to be the only method remaining that could help you get in the Google+ (Plus) social networking site without having to wait for the official invites to open up.You can even request me for the invite in here..Get Google plus invite for free- Giveaway

So follow up these steps to get yourself a Google Plus invite for Signup.

Step 1 : Get a friend who has already signed up for Google Plus (Google+), or find a person who has a Google+ account with public “Send Mail” option.

Step 2 : Tell your friend to Create a New Circle and add your email id in the circle and all others who might need the invite.

Step 3 : Now Post this Status to only that Particular Circle and Dont keep it Public Shared, Ensure that “Share By Email ” is also Checked.

Step 4: Log into your email id to which the post was shared and click on the link inside “Learn more”.This will take you to the main Signup Page that will ask for your name, age and all that stuff.

So follow these simple steps and get yourself a invite to Google+ (Google Plus) before its too late.

To know more about Google+ (Google Plus)..Google+ Project: It’s Social, It’s Bold, It’s Fun, And It Looks Good — Now For The Hard Part

PS: I m trying to send as much invites as i can through my 4 email id’s , but now the best part is Google thinks my invites are all “Spam” messages.So if you did go through the steps of my previous post  Get Google plus invite for free- Giveaway .., just check your Spam folder to see if my invite has arrived.If it didn’t then wait for some time as i have a lot of invites to send..Peace..:)

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  1. dave says:

    "We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon."
    This trick still works, but the system isn't allowing more signups at the minute!

    • Admin16 says:

      Then there is absolutely no other way to signup than this ,,only other way is to wait…or you can send me the mail to my previous post in the comment section…..

  2. Arjen says:

    I only get messages about the limited trial after clicking on Learn more. The 'glitch' is probably fixed i guess..

  3. fxgeorges says:

    I think I found an easier way. If someone you know has google plus and adds your email into one of their circles, you will get a email and a link will direct you to a sign up page.

  4. Oh wow It’s the best the idea homepage. It will be the very first time My partner and I ran into it still I Enjoyed it.. Unquestionably will certainly be back, you picked up tons of content in here :D ok back again to do the job immediately :-)

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