Hack Cellphones With Super Bluetooth Hack

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Super Bluetooth Hack is the best and also well known Mobile Bluetooth hacking software available. Many of you might be aware of this or even already be using this  free tool. So the post is mainly for the noobs out there who didn’t come across this tool until now.


Super Bluetooth Hack is a free and most importantly the most powerful hacking software for mobile phones that exists till date. It includes a wide range of  features like..

  • Import Contacts.
  • Play Songs in music Player
  • Switch Off
  • Restart Phone
  • Restore Factory Settings
  • Play Ringtones
  • Read Inbox
  • Send Message
  • Call using his phone
  • Browse Files
  • Change Profiles

The tool requires the victim to accept the Bluetooth connection first, but this is just a one time procedure for pairing the phones.Then it doesn’t require to pair the phones the next time.

Check out the tool from the download link given below and try out this tool in your Symbian phones.n have Fun!!!!..:)



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  1. fxgeorges says:

    it would be better if we'll have a list of phones, where it worked…that way, most of us we'll know.

  2. is it really works? ok downloading…

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  4. Superb text plus fine site.

  5. Ally da Geneus says:

    your so important for a new learner like us with your help guys one day i will be like you men.thnx

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