Tricks to increase BSNL Broadband Speed

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BSNL Internet is most popular Broadband connection service provider in India. They offer high speed internet for a very low cost. But still many people out there hate the  connection speed what they get in their dataone connection . And also even i use the  BSNL Broadband connection .So here are some tips on how to improve your internet connection speed.


1. Change the BSNL DNS servers:

BSNL broadband users will mostly be faced with many DNS issues. The DNS servers take longer time to respond due to the bad connection and crowded connections in your local DNS.Hence the BSNL users can use this hack to increase their speed. Instead of using the BSNL DNS servers ,which are slow and unreliable ,you can use the third party DNS servers .Or the easiest option is to use the open DNS. You can follow the methods given below to configure your network to use the DNS servers specified below.

OpenDNS free DNS server list:


DNSadvantage free DNS server list:


Public Name server IP address:


Scrubit public DNS server address:


incease BSNL broadband speed

You will be able to see some considerable improvements in your Broadband speed after you have configured the above DNS . Go to your dataone connection in network connections ->right click->Properties-Networking tab->TCP/IP properties and there manually enter in any of the above DNS. These also features with phishing filters and automatic URL correction and provide greater security and speed.You can also use these even if your DNS servers are working fine to increase your connection speed.


2. Using TCPOptimizer Software:

I personally use a software called  TCPOptimizer which automatically optimizes your internet settings for optimal performance of the internet speed.


3. Free Cache space:

The cache space reduction can also increase your speed of your internet.Here are the steps:

Firefox settings: Go to Tools ->Options ->Advanced ->Network ,and change  the value of cache space to 50.

For Internet Explorer : Tools -> Internet Options -> General->temporary internet files, and set disk space value to 50.


4. Upgrade your Tariff Plan

Even after these steps if you didn’t notice much significant increase, then the final alternative is to upgrade your plan. Usually the plans like 500C,650UL ,750UL,950UL etc etc all have a download cap to reduce your speed once it crosses the download mark. So try to go for a higher plan to get better speed and have a peace of mind ..:P..:D.


If you know any tricks of speeding up your bsnl broadband connection, then let us know and we will honor your comments..:D.Cheers



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  1. anonymous says:

    hey man i need your help.. my isp plan is ,i can download with no limited speed but when my usage reaches 3gb ,my net speed stuck at 30-40 kb, i use torrent alot, is there any way/program/proxy/tunnele (free) to not make my fuckn isp see my bandwidth usage ? i tried encrypting torrent then connect to tor but it ddint work!

    • Admin says:

      Sure dude would help…assuming u r using BSNL… going through a proxy requires first going through your local isp, so even if you try the onion network tor, it will first route to the proxy via your local isp (wher the bandwidth data gets monitored) and then the tor uses the new path via some other route…so it would not help in using the tor,but in a way it further lowers it……So ther might not be much help in any way…
      Try forwarding the port during the torrent download using Cntrl+G in torrent interface and see if it works, and be sure to use number greater than : 43081 ,just lemme know if it works…..

  2. SuperAdmin says:

    hey.. i use evdo broadband internet – usb modem .. and portfowrarding ..i dont think it will work for me..u have another ideas ? ask ur hacking friends if they know anthing about hiding bandwidth usage from isp..and if u know a site that know stuff wich is usefull for my subject let me know about it :)

  3. nbrs says:

    can i use it in 499 unlimited plan?

  4. Tijo Jose says:

    can i use it in 499 unlimited plan?

  5. mohit says:

    how much extra speed i should get in 499 unlimited plan? plz tell me genuinely..

    • Admin16 says:

      Unlimited plans with lower cost wont have much speed ..will be around 30kbps….but bsnl puts a cap on the download speed once u exceed some download limit…so it will reduce even further….so normally if your speed is 30kbps…it might increase to around 32kbps…

  6. Gurveer says:

    Excellent yaar……………….. My Internet is now working like butter………………….Thnks…….

  7. Adlin says:

    will this process have an immediate action or do we have to wait for 2 – 3 days for it to work ?

  8. John arya says:

    Hey i have same problem like others i want to know that m using BSNL brodband with 750 plan bt my download speed is 40 50 kb/s n in jst few time before my net speed going aroung 200 kb/s i want to back this speed please tell me what can i do..

    • Admin16 says:

      the bandwidth differential cannot be done anything…after u exceed a download limit in bsnl 750, the main exchange will limit your bandwidth speed to 40 50kbps, so its not client side. So next month beginning again you will get the high speed,.these tricks cannot spike your bandwidth but will help you to optimize the current speed to extract a bit more extra out of it…

  9. sid says:

    bro i brought a bsnl broadband connection i hav nt setup any thing bt it stil got connected wit internet. my problem is dat i got a disc bt can't use it n due to dis my speed use to decress wat shud i do

    • Admin16 says:

      the disc may not be much use other than to install drivers or the required software…the speed is mainly dependent on the bandwidth of the plan and other factors, so try out the tricks given to push ur speed a little..

  10. admin says:

    man my internet isn't getting fast!!

  11. Sri says:

    Hi I use BSNL ADSL2+ CPE Router, my broadband speed is noly 256kbps plz suggest me how I can Improvise it… Plz

  12. rawlins says:

    can i use in 650 unlimited plane

  13. alex says:

    i have two bsnl wimax plan is same but speed is different both of them.

  14. no one says:

    I dont get it , where do you put these numbers?

  15. vishnu says:

    I need help on bsnl wimax speed,

    Send Me Details Of HOw i should position the Modem

  16. guru says:

    open dns is worked for me thanks a lot love u dear

  17. H.Basha says:

    very worst BB .cheating company. now they incresed the home 750 plan to 800.&the speed is worst

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