Hacking the minesweeper

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Many of you might have played the minesweeper many a times, but getting past the advanced level is not so easy and many of them don’t go through.Well here is a trick to hack the minesweeper …..


First method :

Change the background color of the desktop to black by,                                             Right click on desktop->properties->Background->None(set the color to black).

Now Open the Minesweeper an type “xyzzy”.

Keep pressing shift as you roll the mouse cursor over the boxes, if you see a white dot on the top-left of your screen, it means there is no mine under that box and if there is no white dot, then there is a mine present under that box.


Second method :

The second method involves editing the registry..

Go to Start->Run->regedit


Select the folder “software” and under that “winmine”

Right click the “Time1″ and, select “modify.” Enter in “Value Data” box, type “1.”

Now open the minesweeper and start playin like a pro……Have Fun :)…..

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