How people try to Cheat Google Adsense

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Google adsense is the most profitable  revenue stream for publishers and also a reliable advertiser for its advertisers, but some people may try to earn more money by fraud clicks or many other ways that are mentioned here to finally get their  accounts banned. The post may sound good for people who came in searching for cheating tricks , but if you try these methods, you will surely end up banning your adsense account.So here are the tricks that you should not be doing just to earn some quick bucks..

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1 Clicking your own Ads

This is the most dumbest method and is mainly used by  noobs who don’t understand web technology and the internet . These fraud clicks may range from few clicks to even hundreds of clicks, just to make money faster. But the end result is no mystery.

2 Click through rate manipulation

Click Through Rate(CTR) of a page is usually considered to be 7% or less on an average.If there are more fraud clicks on your site, resulting in CTR of more than 10%, will surely raise Google’s flag. So some people try to adjust the click through rate by displaying the ads in junk low keyword density pages generating high traffic visits onto those pages. This then lowers the CTR below 10% and they even use the low CPC ads on those junk pages.

3 Fool the Visitors

When the site Admin puts the ads on the section of  ‘Sponsors’ or any other boxes with weird messages like ‘Support Us’ or ‘Click Here’, will raise flags to Google about these high clicked and low  value Ads and get their Account Banned soon enough.Only box title’s mentioned in the Google Adsense TOS policy can be used. So let your Ads look like Ads and don’t try to fool the visitors.

4 No Content , Only Ads in Page

If you insert all Adsense codes on a single page without content, then the user has no choice but to click on the Ads expecting to see some results or information that he came for, but this will lead to more Ad clicks which are closed instantly after the user discovers it as an Ad.So the Google has to protect its Advertisers and provide the value for what they are paying to Google.So google has no other choice but to terminate your account.

5 Ask Friends Or Family to Click your Ads

Here is another trick that’s used by noobs.  The Blogger might ask his friends living far off or abroad to click through his ads. But Google has enough Data from search engines or your profile across the internet to know how the clicks are generated and how that IP is related to your Address and find out if you have any friends or family in that place.So stop asking your relatives or friends to click your ads just because they live in far places.Multiple clicks from that friends IP location will get your Adsense account Banned.

6 The Popular Click Ring Network Cheat

The bloggers organize ring networks using the forums and social networking sites and plan the fraud clicks ,among their mutual website ads and click through each others ads.Once google finds out about this trick, you are sure to get banned from the program.

7 Proxy to Click Ads

Another popular trick among the publishers, for which they use proxy websites like the tor “onion routers” or any other anonymizer to click on their ads on their website.This trick is well known and might land your adsense account into big trouble.

8 Paid Ad Click Cheat

Paid Click Cheaters are often available for around $50 and mainly are people employed from developing countries like China,Phillipines,India or Pakistan. This lets the owner of the site to earn some money until his account gets banned from Google Adsense.

9 Automated Software ClickBots for Advertisements

The ClickBots are smart programs written in order to generate good CTR by browsing multiple pages on the site and then clicking on the ads, and stay for a few minutes to avoid suspicion. Some ClickBots even change their IP address , so that the Ads appear Genuine to Google.

10 Multiple Computers Click Fraud

This user Doesn’t have much knowledge about IP address or internet technology for that instance.The person tries to click on the ads from multiple computers from home ,Internet Centers, or any other internet spots.

Disclaimer: These methods mentioned here are solely to warn you about the consequences of your account getting banned if you try any of these methods listed here.And i do not recommend you to try any of these unethical tricks and even i don’t use these tricks myself. So this post is mainly to help you be aware of the reasons for Google adsense accounts getting banned and help you to prevent your account from getting banned …CHEERS..!!

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  1. Perfectly written articles , Really enjoyed examining .

  2. sohail says:

    Dont even think of cheating google,why not put abit of hard work in which will pay off in the long run,no point in clicking your own ads,its stupid,it will get you banned,how long will you get away with it,google are too smart..all you need is a good niche and good content,apply seo for atleasty anour everyday,create backlinks and it will pay off in time……ive just created a new website 2 weeks ago and im making 8-10 dollers daily and i know my revenue will increase in time aslong as i put my hard work into it….nothings free in life ppl,do it the right way respect google,they gave you a way of making money while you sit at home on your computer.

  3. Ad Adsense says:

    Get great knowledge and offers to be successful with Adsense.You will learn how to start properly with AdSense and to not repeat mistakes to reach the desired result to you in very short time. With the right tools, and done the right way, any job can be done successfully.
    It helps, of course, to know exactly what you are doing and why it works. Without this knowledge, it is only to be expected that things will go a little wrong from time to time. Hence, if you want Adsense to work for you, you need to know how it works and why it works. That way you can make sure you get it right. Your future is determined by what you do today but not on what you do tomorrow!

  4. christianesperar says:

    People doing this practices don't have the rights to be successful on online business. Awesome list! I like no 1st one when especially the word "Dumbest". Too bad Philippines is special mention in this post.

  5. The conclusion is "It is impossible to Cheat Google".
    Be Genuine , Play safe that the tool to earn money!
    NiCE ARTICLE Enjoyed :)

  6. The Sorcerer says:

    I am running for a while now. hard work, honesty and dedication pays off- but usually the first $100 seem to take its own time.

  7. meena says:

    i m doing adsense work

  8. bharti says:

    dear i hve made a blog for adsense work pls comment on that…

  9. Pash says:

    Great post, I agree dont try to cheat google, they have many ways to cath you. I am running nd eventually it will grow.

  10. Hi everyone, I’m running this celebrity and entertainment website and I think patience is what everyone needed for earnings to start rolling and not making ways to cheat google adsense.

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