How to change MAC address of your Android Mobile Phone

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You may well be sometimes be wondering how to change your android smartphones MAC address or spoof it. This is usually required to to access internet in some private networks which allow only some registered MAC addresses and to also hide ones identity.Hence here is a simple trick that will tell you how do you change the MAC address of your smartphone.







Android smartphones are normally protected to deny writing or modifying the root folders unless the phones software is rooted. Hence system files are read only until the phone is rooted.Hence this requires a rooted android phone to modify the MAC address.

Rooting your phone will tamper your warranty , so proceed with caution.Check out the article on how to root your android phone here.

After rooting your phone next install the popular file manager app “Astro”. Go to the app and browse to the folder /sys/eth0/address.

You will find a file called “address”, open the file using the astro file manager using “open as text file” option.You should see the text in this format 00:00:00:00:00:00. Then fill in your new MAC address and viola, there you have it. Save the text file and your MAC address is spoofed.

This address will revert back to the original MAC address once you reboot your phone.Hence also have a backup of your MAC address for safety. Cheers.

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