How To get Free SMS Alerts for New emails on Gmail,Hotmail,YahooMail,AOL etc

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email-to-smsThere has not been a direct service from any of the popular email services for getting a SMS alert for receiving a new email in your inbox. Well here is a trick to do just that !!.The trick allows you to get free SMS alerts for any mobile network in india , as soon as you receive a new email in your email inbox and for free.

So here are the steps for setting the SMS updates.

SMS configurations





Step 1 : Register a account for free SMS service like site2sms.Then log into your Dashboard after verifying your account.

Step 2 :  Here at the top you will notice a new option called Email2sms alerts in your Dashboard.Click the link and it will take you to its settings page.

Step 3 : In the settings page , Activate the service and then check the preferred time and days for receiving the alerts. You can even block some email id s from not receiving  the alerts.

Step 4 :¬† Note down your unique site2sms email id “”, and next configure your email for the Alerts.

Email configurations


Step 1 : Log into your email id and click on the Settings and then click on ‘FORWARDING/POP/IMAP’ option.












Step 2 : Click on the incoming mail forwarding option and enter in your site2sms email id there.

Step 3 : Confirm your forwarding option by logging into your site2sms email and clicking on the confirmation message in the inbox from for eg:Gmail . And then copy the verification code sent by Gmail to your Mobile phone onto the verification box, and you are ready to go with your free SMS alerts for your incoming email.

Leave your comments if you have any other tricks related to this info..Cheers :D

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    Here is a way of obtaining SMS alert from using Google Calendar

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