How to get Superfast Followers on Facebook Page and Twitter for Free

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twitter-follow-me-birdFor those of you who are struggling to find followers on twitter or likes on your Facebook page, there are a lot of easy and superfast solutions for you. Here i will explain about the tools that i have tried or which i use regularly , and found useful for my facebook and twitter accounts.


You might have wandered around in the internet searching for solutions, and might have heard a lot of tips on how to get more followers either by interacting with the site visitors or writing good content and so on.Well that was the legitimate way of getting targeted followers. But the main problem is that it takes a lot of time in developing these relations or taking your site to the top. So the best alternative way is to go bad ass by kick starting your website traffic using some free tools on the internet. So i wont be explaining in detail or writing long articles for each tool,but i will stick to small details about each tool.You can then learn on your own to use these tools or even you can ask any queries about any tool here using the comment section.So here we go..connect-people-twitter









1 Twiends


Twiends is a awesome site which i prefer the most. I used my  referral link here,you can either thank  me for writing this awesome post by using it or you can be a bad ass and use without the referral link here.

This gets a lot of followers on facebook ,Twitter or also has a option of generating lots of views for your YouTube video. The first step here is to visit this site and register a free account.You will be given some amount of free credits at the first. Then connect your facebook ,twitter,youtube accounts , which is only a one time process. This tool basically works on the amounts of credits what you have left with you.So then , start liking others facebook page or follow others twitter accounts , you will be credited some amount of free credits.You can even buy credits if you dont have any patience and you dont like to wait for it.This then lets other people on twiends to follow your accounts to get them some free amount of credits from you.

So this a simple strategy and superfast way of generating followers. You can even use some automatic twiends tool or iMacros firefox plugin to automatically generate clicks when you not at your computer.


2 Tweepi


This is the second tool that i recommend for managing your twitter accounts.This tool is free to use and offers really quite useful and time saving management options for your twitter accounts.It has a range of tools like

  • Geeky follow which lets you find people of same interests for you to follow.
  • Geeky flush offers mass unfollow of those who don’t follow you back.
  • Geeky reciprocate lets you follow back your followers .I like this feature a lot since this makes the job soo simple.
  • Geeky Cleanup lets you to unfollow those people who aren’t active for a long time, or who don’t follow you back or even spammers.

And you can even follow all the people in a particular list by a single click by just giving the list name using the list owner. So tweepi is a collection of the most awesome twitter tools that lets you manage your twitter accounts with ease. Tweepi is simple to use and provides a easy to use interface.Just sign up to tweepi using a simple sign up button without any hassle of filling out any huge forms.And you are good to go.

3 Follo

Follo.Org_This is an other free tool that works on the basis of points for every follow. It doesnt require any kind of long forms for registration but just a single sign in using the twitter account.So as you follow more people you get more points and go above in the rankings. So you keep getting followers regularly unlike twiends.But the best part why i use this tool is that, you get followers even if you dont follow someone. Well let me explain..You know that in twitter you hit a limit once you hit a particular followers to following ratio.After that you cannot follow anymore. And here come the best part. Now go to and start following people. But you wont be following any people while you click the follo button because you already hit the limit, but you will still earn points that will take your rankings higher.

4 Social Oomph

socialoomph-hackhowThis is an other brilliant set of tools for twitter and facebook, but only most of the twitter tools are free and most of the facebook tools require you to pay for the service.Well i use it only to send automated messages for the people who follow my twitter account and also to automatically follow them back.So give this free tool a try.


Well there are lot of other free twitter mass follow or unfollow tools on the internet and i don’t use them often,but feel free to comment if you think any of these are really useful which might help us.And i cant sit and explain all of them just to fill my page with keywords and stuff.So here they are

5 Friend or follow

Special features like allows you to get most followed user lists and user account growth chart and other useful information.

6 Untweeps

Another twitter free mass follow , unfollow tool.Has almost same features as like tweepi.

7 Buzzom

Heard it is easy to use with all main options and is a lot simplier, but never tried it.Maybe any of you can use this and give me some feedback on this.


So here were some of the tools that i recommend for getting facebook likes for your page or mass twitter followers with less work.Of course you need to keep trying the basic methods of getting legitimate followers by writing good content and keeping good relations with the readers and stuff. So feel free leave your comments if you think any awesome tool has been missed out or you think any tool is really helpful.Cheers :D


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