How to Use LG Optimus as a Wireless Internet Modem

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In today’s fast phased world with technology in its full throttle, the comfort of having an internet connection is now in the palms of our hands. The new LG Optimus has promised its users of internet connectivity with comfort and precision.

LG Optimus is one of the smartphones that uses android as its software. Made LG, LG Optimus is known to be one of the top smartphones in the market. For the record, the LG Optimus 2X is considered by the Guinness Book of World Record to be the first smartphone to use a dual core processor.

Now, LG Optimus again has given its users another reason to enjoy the phone. Most of the LG Optimus units can already be used as a wireless internet modem to your laptops, another cellphone or a desktop. With the innovations brought to you by LG, you will no longer pay another bill for the internet connection for your other computers. With just a press of your hands, you can already be connected to the world.

To enjoy LG Optimus as a Wireless Internet Modem, here is the tutorial to set it up.

  1. Download necessary software or driver apps that are required to make LG Optimus a wireless internet modem without the need to root it. LG Optimus as a wireless modem supports Bluetooth/USB. With internet connection like 4G or WiFi, LG Optimus can share the internet with the computer.

  2. There are 2 softwares you must download to your computer before you can use it  as a modem.

  1. PDANet installed on PC or Mac OS X

  2. PDANet installed on LG AS680

  1. The First Software which is the PDANet installed on PC or Mac OS X should be installed in your computer

  2. The Second Software, the PDANet installed on LG AS680 Optimus 2 should be installed to your phone

  3. After installing it, you must connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable data.

  4. A restart from your computer is necessary to proceed to the next step.

  5. After you restarted your computer, you can now launch the PDANet installed to your cellphone.

  6. You can now connect to the internet by clicking the PDANet icon on your PC/Mac OS X.

Now that you are connected to the internet, you can now enjoy browsing the web and be connected to your friends and families. However, if you cannot still connect to the internet, you can check your antivirus software for possible blockage of internet signal to your computer. Most the latest antivirus has these exclusive functions which only allow those recognized internet connection. Disabling it will give you more internet connectivity options.

For some reasons, internet providers do not allow this internet sharing using the mobile phone. That is why, you must also check your internet provider if it allows you to share the internet to your computer. Some providers however, allow it users to share the internet with given charges and registration.

About the Author: Mr. Jashon Wills is a telecommunications expert who writes articles related to internet, technology and the latest trends in communication. As an ordinary citizen, he loves to play with his dog in his free time. He believes that technology should make human lives simple and convenient. You can read more of his articles by visiting Broadband Expert internet service.

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  1. I use my LG Revolution to so that as well. It works great even with multiple devises connected.

  2. Yahmee says:

    I have this phone right now and I'm loving it. BTW, you have a great review here.

  3. keyursavaliya says:

    Really your article is too much useful…………

  4. pavanraj says:

    I used LG optimus as a wireless modem. Its very convenient to use and it gave fast internet access compare to others. Thanks for this post………….

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