Is it possible to know who visited my facebook profile page?

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I thought of writing this post after seeing a lot of applications in facebook that came up claiming that they can find the people who visited or viewed their profile.Do they really list out the profile visitors as they claim??..well lets find out..

There have recently been a lot of applications that have been coming up which say that they provide the service of finding out the profile stalkers on your profile.Well do they really work?..If you tried them you would surely have known the answer.

Facebook clearly state in their so called “terms of service” that they do not permit any kind of service that allows the users to view their profile visitors like in orkut and also do not allow the applications that claim to offer suck services due to violation of conditions.Hence there is no application in facebook that can track your profile visitors, and even if it come up,it is sure to get banned by facebook under the violation of conditions of facebook.

These so called profile tracker applications tell us to click on some specific link that then redirects the page to the spammers website url or could even spam your facebook page.So then this results in displaying the spam link onto your friends wall with surprising phrase like “oh my god..i just found out my profile stalkers” or like “click this link to find out who viewed your profile” and many more, then even your friends do the same mistake of trying out the link and falling for the trap.So the spam link spreads through facebook users from friends to friends until its deactivated by the facebook authorities.

Finally it is clear that there does not exist any kind of facebook application that tracks the visitors information,and even if there is,its sure to get banned within days or hours by facebook authorities.So even if you do try out the application link. Delete the application or remove the application from your profile as quick as possible to avoid any further harm to your facebook account.Cheers :)

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  1. Judy George says:

    That is a viral scrip in facebook for getting more likes on the page where the application is linked to. It is also used to make money by pay per download and cpa people who ask the user to complete any offers to know the stalkers. They have a javascript on the pages and asks the users to run it. When they run it wall posts are send to the friends of the user who runs the script.

  2. khader says:

    thanx fr ur gr8 sugestion!

  3. alisha says:

    How do you delete it?

  4. amjad says:

    very useful info. thanks a lot for such studiful guidance!

  5. tspa says:

    I tried this 3 years ago and it worked for a day. But then it didn't work anymore. I guess it has been banned.

  6. ujju says:

    nice bro

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